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Zero Mojavi-Saddlebags


Increase your riding sustainability and comfort by replacing your backpack with the Zero MoJavi saddlebags. It is a rugged saddlebag without a luggage rack, with two six-liter side pockets designed to carry the essentials. The adventure-proof, sewn construction uses tough materials that are resistant to water, mud, snow, and dust. A Pronghorn strap is included.

Product compatibility

Here you will find the models that are compatible with this product.

Brand Model Year
Brand Model Year
Zero Motorcycles DS 2014 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles DSR 2016 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles FX 2013 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles FXE 2022 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles FXS 2015 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles S 2014 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles SR 2014 - 2021