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Parking brake

 249,00 279,00

Zero has designed the XMX parking brake to meet the steepest demands of riders. When the parking brake is engaged, it uses the rear brake disc to securely hold your motorcycle in place, reducing the risk of rolling away. The new caliper fits snugly in place on the rear brake and is operated with the handbrake lever mounted on the handlebar.

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FX, FXE, FXS 2015-2016, FX, FXE, FXS, 2017-2023, DS, DSR, S, SR 2014-2016, DS, DSR, S, SR 2017-2021

Product compatibility

Here you will find the models that are compatible with this product.

Brand Model Year
Brand Model Year
Zero Motorcycles DS 2014 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles DSR 2016 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles FX 2013 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles FXE 2022 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles FXS 2015 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles S 2014 - 2023
Zero Motorcycles SR 2014 - 2021